My First Post!

Hi all Mistress JJ here for my very first post how exciting! Ive always really wanted to do this sort of thing ive just never really had the time but here goes!


So basically this blog will be where i share my ideas and thoughts on various types of “femdom” that I enjoy, some of my ideas you will have hard before and other you won’t have heard. I also enjoy doing online domination such as tasks and dares etc. I’m going to try and do at least one post a day but sometimes it’s hard so I’ll do my best!


I’m 22 years old and i live in Australia im straight, not in a relationship but i do have a very close guy “friend” one of the very rare “men” who actually get to have me and my body given to them! I have a 3 full time online subs who i have complete control over! I use one of them as my amusement by making him do various tasks, and the other 2 pay me to keep them in line! I also have 2 subs IRL which is awesome! One i’ve had since high school and the other i met on a femdom dating site. I’ve been involved in quite a lot of cuckolding it’s something I’m really into and I’ll be sure to share some of my stories with you! Always open for more just have to play your cards right!

Im open to all questions, arguments and discussions you may need help with, just remember “be careful what you wish for” if you want a harsh Dom who will give you harsh but true feedback you’ve found her!